We offer American-made products from a wide variety of industry technology leaders.

Allied Commercial

Rooftop units, air handlers, and splits 2-50 tons, unit heaters, and industrial furnaces.


Semi-custom RTUs and DOAS units, ERVs, air-flow/IAQ monitoring hoods and ducts, economizer controls.

VTS America

American-made air handlers, air conditioning units, air curtains and unit heaters.

MAFNA Air Technologies

Custom air handlers, dehumidification units, laboratory exhaust systems, chilled beam units.

Warren Technology

Variable air volume terminal units for inducted air-conditioning systems to regulate air flow and electric duct heaters.

USA Coil & Air

Replacement and custom coils, tubes, heat exchangers and air handling units.

Wessels Company

Hydronic specialties, heat exchangers, glycol systems, and tanks.


High-pressure, low-pressure steam and hot water flex tube boilers.


Aurora Commercial Pumps including in-line, end-suction, split-case and multi-case.

Combustion Research Corporation

Gas-fired, infrared radiant heaters; power burner and vacuum fan systems.

Sun Equinox

The ideal hot water solution that can use gas or electric heaters or thermal collectors with a stainless steel coil.


Radiant floor heating and snowmelt systems, including PEX and accessories.


Air cleaners, air purifiers, HEPA and ultra filters, dust collectors and mist filters.


Quality exhaust fans and ventilation equipment for industrial, commercial, and residential application.

CDI Custom Curb Adapters

Custom curbs and curb adapters for rooftop and air handler replacement jobs.


Control and BAS systems and accessories.