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Mascot The Mascot FT is packed with intelligent features that satisfy the space heating and domestic hot water needs of the modern home. You’ll enjoy the quick heating response, exceptional efficiency and years of reliable service that the Mascot FT delivers. Greatly reduce your home’s heating cost when compared to older, low efficiency boilers! Available as a wall hung heating only boiler or as a wall hung or floor standing “Combi” model that provides both heating and domestic hot water.




Neotherm The NeoTherm has proven itself to be a reliable and tested unit, and has also demonstrated it’s efficiencies by winning the Energy Star’s ‘Most Efficient’ Award -Year after Year! The NeoTherm fully condensing and modulating boilers and volume water heaters continue to offer the industries highest efficiencies while keeping NOx emissions lower than current government requirements, all at an affordable price. Whether your need is residential or commercial, a hydronic boiler or volume water heater, NeoTherm is easy-to-use, easy on the environment, powerful and compact. All NeoTherm models are fully packaged, space-saving hydronic solutions and therefore, are the perfect choice for today’s demanding heating applications.



The Laars MagnaTherm is a boiler or volume water heater that is available in 6 sizes (1.6, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0 million BTU’s) and has everything you need to satisfy your large input commercial applications. Laars engineers took a system efficiency approach when designing the MagnaTherm to ensure that its total installed efficiency is as high as possible. This was done through the use of the unique Laars VARI-PRIME™ variable speed boiler pump control that optimizes the three major variables of boiler operation – combustion efficiency, blower efficiency and boiler pump efficiency.